Adventurer; dreamer; wisher.

Photography has always been a path of many turns. I never knew where I would end up. I started hideaway when I was a young girl in my 20’s. I grew up with photographs and I lived happy and sad moments with it. My thoughts and emotions are something which I can only share through photos.

I support taking the time to hide; to be alone and to reflect. As kids, we loved to play hide and seek. Why should it be different for adults? Hide away, but this time, find yourself.

In about five months, I will turn 25; I’m an April Fool’s baby, est. 1989. I grew up to believe that introversion is a gift, creativity is freedom, and love is happiness. But it took many dark places where I hid away to learn all of these things. So please hide away – those moments of peace and quiet are moments of learning.

I am still trying to learn this world. But I have one path before April 1, 2014; to see my photographs on walls before I turn 25. This is my attempt to get where I want to.

I have much hope for this struggle that I am about to begin.

Thank you kindly, world.